The Dawn of a New Era: The Journey of Sunrise Art Club

Our story begins with an artist, a mobile phone, and a city awakening at sunrise. Elise Swopes, our founder, started capturing the serene beauty of Chicago at dawn using nothing more than her mobile phone. Her innovative approach to photography transformed ordinary scenes into stunning images, showcasing the city's vibrant colors and diverse textures.

With their dramatic skyline and gentle ripples of Lake Michigan bathed in soft hues and subtle gradient effects, these sunrise photos soon became sought-after pieces. They were not just photos but unique art forms with a collectible-quality that resonated with many.

Inspired by the potential of her work and the burgeoning digital art market, Elise launched Sunrise Art Club, a creative impact agency that marries art with technology. Our aim was simple - collaborating with creators and brands for storytelling in the rapidly evolving Web3 Market.

Seeing the transformative potential of blockchain technology, Elise ventured into selling her photos as NFTs. This innovative form of funding allowed her to monetize her work and provided a platform for supporting marginalized creators.

At Sunrise Art Club, we believe in the power of creativity and the importance of inclusive opportunities. We're passionate about offering accessible and secure ways for creatives to thrive without traditional gatekeepers.

Today, we stand at the forefront of the Web3 market, pushing boundaries and driving transformation with every project. Just like the rising sun illuminates the city, we strive to inspire the world of digital art with our innovative collaborations and unique creations.

Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to shape the future of creativity and innovation in the Web3 space. Together, let's welcome the dawn of a new era.
Sunrise Art NFTS
Night On The Yard
Lunar Blossoms

The Artists of Change: Meet Our Team

Get to know the faces behind Sunrise Art Club. Our dynamic team of creatives and strategists is tirelessly pushing boundaries in the Web3 market, championing diversity and inclusivity.

Jetzi Eden
Project Manager
Daniel Ruiz