BLOOM Picture Day 2023

Published on

February 8, 2024

Project Overview: BLOOM Picture Day 2023 - Sunrise Art Club x Free Root Operation

In October 2023, Sunrise Art Club entered into a fruitful partnership with the Chicago-based Free Root Operation's (FRO) BLOOM Cohort for their second annual Picture Day. This event served as an industry-level photoshoot, providing the women and mothers participating in the BLOOM program a unique platform to redefine and expand their self-image.

The BLOOM Cohort

The BLOOM Cohort, created by FRO, is a six-month wellness initiative that incorporates an educational and experiential curriculum. The program is firmly rooted in FRO's fundamental pillars: nourishment, transformation, and self-love. These elements are designed to foster personal growth and wellbeing among the participants.

Event Details

The Picture Day 2023 took place at the South Facing Windows studio, a space conducive to creativity and self-expression. Guided by our Project Manager, Jetzi Calvin, the participants experienced a professional photoshoot, which was not just about capturing images but about celebrating their individuality and strength.

Role of Jetzi Calvin

Jetzi Calvin, our esteemed Project Manager, took on the role of the photographer for this event. With her expertise and keen eye for detail, she was able to capture the essence of each participant, further emphasizing the transformative journey of self-love and acceptance that they had embarked on through the BLOOM program.


The BLOOM Picture Day 2023 was a resounding success, encapsulating the spirit of transformation, self-love, and nourishment that the BLOOM Cohort stands for. Through this collaboration with FRO, Sunrise Art Club demonstrated its commitment to leveraging art as a tool for positive change and personal development. We look forward to continuing this journey, creating more opportunities for individuals to explore and embrace their self-image.