Free Root Operation

Published on

October 28, 2023

Project Overview

As the event partner for Free Root Operation (FRO), Sunrise Art Club is dedicated to supporting and amplifying the mission's efforts in addressing the root causes of gun violence through wellness programming, cultural activations, and critical care. We believe in the power of community wisdom and take an innovative approach that champions Black women and their families while striving to prevent poverty-induced gun violence.

Our role within FRO is to serve as a nexus between championing Black women and their families and integrating preventative measures of gun violence into culture. Through our partnership, we aim to restore impacted communities to safe, abundant, and liberated sites of Oasis.

One of our key initiatives within FRO is the BLOOM program. BLOOM is an educational curriculum rooted in the pillars of self-love, nourishment, and transformation. Over five months, participants in BLOOM undergo a journey that empowers them to redefine their relationship with self-care, inner nourishment, and their inner child. By the time they arrive at Picture Day, participants will be 80% closer to achieving a personal or professional goal, equipped with new skills, and filled with newfound confidence.

To provide the perfect environment for the transformative photoshoot experience, Sunrise Art Club partnered with a studio in Chicago called South Facing Windows. We are incredibly grateful to South Facing Windows for donating their space in support of our cause.

At Picture Day, thanks to Sunrise Art Club's partnership with South Facing Windows and the dedication of our beauty team, the ladies in BLOOM receive physical care and support, helping them embrace all parts of themselves, both inward and outward. This transformative experience culminates in professional headshots that accurately reflect their renewed vision of themselves. As they return to their communities, these empowered individuals bring with them a renewed sense of confidence and a commitment to their professional endeavors.

Sunrise Art Club is proud to be part of the FRO mission and to collaborate with South Facing Windows. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to South Facing Windows for their generous donation of space, which has played a significant role in creating a memorable and empowering experience for the ladies in BLOOM.