Herbal Notes

Published on

October 28, 2023

Project Overview

Sunrise Art Club and Herbal Notes joined forces to create two unforgettable yacht parties in Chicago and Miami. These collaborative events aimed to provide attendees with a unique and multi-sensory experience, fostering connections through culinary exploration and shared moments.

Herbal Notes, known for their expertise in private chef services and creating immersive food experiences, brought their mission of cultivating awareness and nourishing community to these yacht parties. Through the combination of food, libations, and music, they aimed to ignite meaningful dialogues and promote healing within the local communities.

The yacht parties were designed to be beautiful and educational experiences, where all people could come together and find common ground. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in conversations about web3.

Collaborative tastes were carefully curated, ensuring that attendees experienced a range of flavors and ingredients that highlighted both the culinary expertise of Herbal Notes and the artistic vision of Sunrise Art Club. Each taste was thoughtfully crafted to spark conversation, encourage exploration, and foster connections among guests.

By combining the expertise of Herbal Notes in creating immersive food experiences and the artistic vision of Sunrise Art Club, these yacht parties provided a platform for individuals to connect, learn, and celebrate the power of community.

Through this collaboration, Sunrise Art Club and Herbal Notes aimed to inspire attendees to continue engaging in conversations surrounding food, community, and local initiatives long after the yacht parties concluded. The project served as a reminder of the healing power that comes from nourishing connections, education, and the shared experience of delicious food in a vibrant atmosphere.