Published on

October 28, 2023

Project Overview


Sunrise Art Club embarked on an exciting partnership with Seed Brklyn, bringing together a diverse community of women of color (WOC) in a vibrant and immersive wellness experience. The collaboration featured 15 WOC, each bringing their unique energy, experiences, and perspectives to the event.

The aim of the collaboration was to promote wellness, self-care, and communal healing while also celebrating and uplifting WOC. This goal was achieved through a series of activities and offerings that catered to the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of the participants.

Custom Merchandise: As part of the collaboration, we produced a line of custom merchandise that reflected the ethos of both Sunrise Art Club and Seed Brklyn. This included thoughtfully designed apparel and accessories that served as a memento of the event and a symbol of the unity and strength of WOC.

Candles/Incense: To create a serene and calming atmosphere, we incorporated candles and incense into the event. These aromatherapy elements not only enhanced the sensory experience but also helped in setting the tone for relaxation and introspection.

Yoga Mat: Each participant was provided with a yoga mat, encouraging them to engage in physical wellness practices. The mats served as a personal space where they could ground themselves and fully immerse in the activities.

Guests: We were honored to host guests who are experts in Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, and Sound Healing. Their presence added immense value to the event, guiding the participants through various wellness practices and teaching them techniques that they can incorporate into their daily lives.

Breakfast Food and Juices: Understanding the importance of nourishment, we provided a selection of healthy breakfast food and freshly squeezed juices. This ensured that our participants were energized and ready to engage in the day's activities.

Overall, this collaboration with Seed Brklyn was not just an event; it was a holistic experience that nurtured the body, mind, and spirit. The positive responses from the participants affirmed the success of the event, inspiring us at Sunrise Art Club to continue creating spaces that celebrate and empower WOC.


The Sunrise Art Club collaborated with Seed Brklyn to organize a digital web3-based curation project called "Seed the Sunrise" in Bed-Stuy. The project aimed to showcase artwork from 23 talented artists and create an immersive experience for the opening night, which saw over 500 RSVPs.

Curatorial Selection

The curatorial process involved carefully selecting artists whose work aligned with the themes of the project, specifically centered around the concept of "Seed the Sunrise." The Sunrise Art Club identified artists whose artistic visions and styles resonated with these themes. This thoughtful selection process ensured a cohesive and meaningful collection of artwork.

QR Code Integration

To enhance the digital curation experience, Sunrise Art Club incorporated QR codes on screens throughout the venue. These QR codes acted as links, directing attendees to the respective artist's work. By leveraging this technology, attendees could easily access and explore the curated artwork in an interactive and convenient manner.

Engagement and Immersion

The project successfully engaged over 500 attendees during the opening night. By curating artwork that aligned with the project's themes, the Sunrise Art Club created an immersive experience that encouraged attendees to delve into the diverse perspectives showcased by the artists. The web3-based platform and the integration of QR codes played a pivotal role in providing attendees with a seamless and captivating exploration of the artwork.

Overall, the collaboration between the Sunrise Art Club and Seed Brklyn resulted in a successful digital curation project. Through careful artist selection, thematic alignment, and the incorporation of web3 technology and QR codes, "Seed the Sunrise" provided attendees with an enriching and interactive art experience.