Published on

September 13, 2023


During NFT NYC 2022, Sunrise Art Club had the unique opportunity to highlight the incredible talent of 37 artists, primarily women of color from around the globe, in DUMBO. Our collaboration with Logik's SOGUI space allowed us to create a truly immersive and innovative art experience.

Rather than opting for a traditional gallery setup, we took a more avant-garde approach by projecting the artwork on walls in a labyrinth-like arrangement. This interactive maze not only showcased the stunning pieces but also guided visitors towards our panel discussion room. Here, we facilitated insightful conversations about the potential of NFTs as a force for good in society.

In addition to this, attendees were given complimentary limited edition Sunrise Art Club totes as a memento of their experience. Beyond the physical event, we extended the reach of the showcased artwork through a digital display on This platform offered art enthusiasts around the world the chance to appreciate and purchase these remarkable pieces.

Our unique approach to this showcase served as both a celebration of diverse artistic talent and an exploration of the exciting possibilities that NFTs bring to the art world.