Superchief (Workshop)

Published on

October 28, 2023


Sunrise Art Club, under the leadership of its founder Elise Swopes, embarked on an ambitious project to conduct multiple workshops at the Oculus in New York in collaboration with Superchief, The Canvas Gallery, and MetaMask. These workshops were designed not only to educate attendees about NFTs and Web3 but also to inspire creativity and promote the use of technology in art.

One of the key workshops was the "Ethics and Ethos of Web3" presentation, where Swopes provided insights into the principles and values that govern the decentralized world of Web3. This workshop aimed to foster a deeper understanding of the potential and responsibilities that come with the embrace of these new technologies.

In another workshop, participants were guided through the process of cutting and creating with construction paper to produce NFTs inspired by quilts - a nod to traditional art forms resonating with Web3 ethos. This hands-on approach allowed attendees to understand the link between tangible art and its digital representation as NFTs.

The project took a more youthful turn with a collaborative workshop with the Children's Museum of Art. Here, Swopes introduced 10 children to the intersection of art and technology. They were guided through the process of photographing their artwork and uploading it to Swopes' Urban Jungle Editing App. The children then added cutouts of animals and other jungle life to their images, creating a dynamic blend of their original artwork with digital elements.

Each of these workshops served a common goal - to onboard individuals into the world of Web3. Through creative expression and practical learning, Swopes and Sunrise Art Club are helping to demystify the realm of NFTs and blockchain, making it accessible to artists and enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds.